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Ellie Petschek

Kundalini SHAKE

Kundalini SHAKE

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Kundalini SHAKE

A new offering that combines a transmission of kundalini activation and movement/dance!

This new and unique experience will involve you both receiving a direct transmission of kundalini energy, as well as using movement and dance to activate your own life force energy!

This practice will support you in the process of awakening your kundalini energy, and also empower you to cultivate an at-home practice of activating your own energy through simple shaking, and free flow movement.

Join me for the first-ever of this event in London with a very special (almost) 50% off if you book early! ✨

Before May 1st: £30

Before May 15th: £40

Regular price: £55

What are the benefits of this experience?

  • Deeper connection to yourself and to your true essence
  • Gaining better clarity in your life and in your decisions
  • Release of negative energy and trauma held in the body
  • Enhancing your mind-body-soul connection
  • Greater sense of purpose and direction
  • Improvement of mental health, including anxiety and/or depression
  • Increase ability to receive insights and messages from your body and/or higher self
  • Breaking old patterns and beliefs that are holding you back

What will the experience entail?

  • Opening circle and introductions
  • Direct energy transmission of kundalini/life force energy (all you need to do is lie down and receive this!)
  • Guided shaking + free movement (to an epic playlist!)
  • Sharing circle and closing

What is Kundalini activation?

If you’ve never experienced Kundalini Activation or come across it, it is described as a “complete transformation and re-wiring of internal systems and energy centres through deep meditation and free movement”.

It's the path of surrender, there is nothing you need to “do” while the energy is transmitted by the facilitator. No breathwork or poses are necessary: that's why it's different from kundalini yoga, tantra or chi-gong. During this transmission to receive and feel the energy all you need to do is to surrender ✨

During the session experiences can be: out of body, bliss states, seeing colours and visions, cathartic movement and having emotional releases. Nevertheless, what happens in the session is not what's most important, what comes after is a profound unblocking of your energy centers and a deeper connection to your intuition and to your true self. The real changes in your life occur because of these major internal shifts 💫

Meet your host!

This session is hosted by Ellie Petschek, certified Level 2 Kundalini Activation Facilitator, trained by KAP Academy in Kundalini Activation & Non Dual transmissions. She is a channel, healer and guide who is eager to take people deep into their personal healing and transformation, while also making the journey light and fun at the same time! Life is too short to take everything so seriously ;)

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