About Ellie

A channel, healer and energetic guide. Ellie has been in touch with the greater energies of the universe since she was a child. Always having a deep knowing she was meant to be a healer in the world, she has encountered many experiences throughout her childhood and adolescence that connected her to universal energies and other dimensions, always receiving the message: "you are a healer". So, she decided to finally listen!

Throughout several trainings, courses and certifications, Ellie began to cultivate her practice of healing and guiding. Beginning with herself she learned how to uncover blocks, wounds and trauma, release these, and then be able to access the wisdom of the inner self, and the many dimensions beyond our own bodies. She then started to understand how to guide and heal others to do the same and to truly make significant changes in their lives!

Ellie Petschek is a certified Kundalini activation facilitator, trained by KAP Academy (Levels 1 & 2) in the transmissions of kundalini energy and non dual consciousness. She is also a certified 250 hour Yoga Teacher (Hatha/Vinyasa/Yin/Restorative), as well as completing her Level I Reiki training. In addition she holds a certificate in Professional Life Coaching. To add to her formal certifications, she has also embarked on many self-development and spiritual workshops, courses and retreats to continue her personal work and to add to her knowledge to guide others.

In all of her offerings, from private and group sessions to immersions and retreats, she is in deep gratitude that she can share the gift of facilitating safe, yet powerful energy work that transforms lives.

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