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Ellie Petschek

Non Dual 1-Day Immersion

Non Dual 1-Day Immersion

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Full Non Dual Immersion
90 min Kundalini Activation ONLY

*Special Event* - One-day Non Dual/Kundalini Immersion

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A non-dual immersion is an opportunity to significantly expand your consciousness. The objective of this immersion is for you to experience multiple non-dual states of being, so that you can start to find new paths back to consciousness, back to the real you.

You will receive 3 different types of transmissions that will permeate your energy system. The combination of these transmissions and their cadency was developed to stimulate a profound and lasting acceleration of your awakening, and significantly expand your consciousness.

*Option to attend just the 90 min Kundalini activation session from 10am - 12:30pm*


  • Sunday May 19th
    • 10:00am - 4:00pm
    • Opening, intros & explanation
    • 90 minute Kundalini activation transmission
    • Lunch break (raw vegan lunch provided)
    • Intro to non duality & non dual teachings and explanations
    • 3x Non Dual transmissions
    • Integration circle & sharing

Raw vegan lunch provided - please make us aware of any allergies 

*Option to attend just the 90 min Kundalini activation session, within the container of this Non Dual Immersion. Being within this energy, this session will be significantly deeper and have a higher likelihood of non-dual experiences within these sessions. Use code 90ONLY to choose this option at checkout*


3 Water Lane, Camden, NW1 8NZ 

Closest station: Camden Town (5 min walk)

An intensive is an opportunity to go much deeper into the states of consciousness available through Kundalini activity, which includes non-dual states of awareness.

In this immersion multiple transmissions permeate your energy system in a profound and lasting way to accelerate Kundalini development.

One participant reported a feeling of "melting in love until no one is left, only this ever-present aliveness. Empty radiance."

An intensive is a space to heal, rest and reset, find completion, make break throughs, discover new dimensions of awareness, and attune your system to increasingly higher frequencies of consciousness.

Deep personal healing, greater awareness, clarity, revelation, insight, and a true spiritual homecoming can be realized.

The effects of a Non Dual Intensive last for several weeks after the event wherein positive personal and life changes are made potentially more accessible. And the new pathways into consciousness that are opened are yours to keep.

Anyone with a spiritual practice will find their relationship to the All-That-Is more tangible.

Transmission is a method that gives a direct pathway to consciousness states and spiritual realization, it is the path of grace and surrender. All you need to do is show up, relax, and receive.

What is Kundalini activation?

Kundalini Activation is a profound form of energy work that has been practiced for thousands of years, which has the potential to induce transcendent states of awareness as well as facilitate deep personal healing.

It is a transmission-based method of empowering spiritual growth through Kundalini awakening, the process of energetic bio-spiritual transformation in the human body, which leads to spiritual development and evolution.

This energy transmission is a safe, natural, and gradual method of activating and nourishing the awakening of your own Kundalini Process. This method streamlines the process of Kundalini transformation in a gentle yet powerful ceremonial practice.

*Spaces are limited for this special event* 

About the facilitators:

Ellie Petschek & Bianca Timotheo are certified facilitators of Kundalini & Non Dual activation, trained to facilitate these transmissions by KAP Academy and its facilitators.

Please note this event has a 7 day cancellation policy. After this time, unfortunately we cannot offer any refunds or credits.

Any questions, please reach out! ✨

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